Saturday, February 2, 2013


I know I'm late but I was so excited that I decided to do an article despite the fact that I am probably the last to speak ^^ As you've surely heard, Urban Decay and OPI have released a collection for the movie "Oz the great and Powerful" and I think it's so exciting, first because the products seems really good, second because the trailer reminds me "Alice in Wonderland" from Tim Burton and I really love this style so I'm really curious about this film and this new director :D
I love all of the pictures from this movie, it's so wonderful, I let you to see the trailer right here.

The first palette from Urban Decay is the "Theodora Palette":

The second palette is my favorite and it's the "Glinda Palette" :

Right now the collection from OPI:

The name of the nails polish from left to right:  I Theodora You  (a natural baby pink) - What Wizardy Is This (a liquid sand) - Glints of Glida (a nude peach color) -When Monkeys Fly (large gold glitters and small silver glitters) -Don’t Burst My Bubble (a sort of very light pink, like a strawberry milk with a lots of milk) -Which is Witch (silver glitters)

WHat's more OPI has released a kit which contains 4 mini nail polish of the collection:

That's it for the products, I will certainly buy the "Glinda Palette" from Urban Decay, the liquid sand and the "Which is Witch" from OPI. I hope you would like this article and I'll see you next time :) 

PS: I'm so happy I finally managed to change the design of the blog !!  =D

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