Friday, January 4, 2013


All the pictures in this post have been taken by me.

I had heard a lot about Yankee Candle, on blogs and Youtube particularly, so I decided to make my first order 3 weeks ago. What's more there's promotion currently on

Here, it's my whole Yankee family I've not so much but enough to get an Idea on these famous candles.

There's different size, on this picture it's my 2 Large Jars. The  Large Jar is the biggest size you can choose, with this one it provides about 110 to

150 hours of fragrance, knowing that only open some perfume the room quickly.
First I've chosen "Christmas cookie" in Large Jar because I know it's the favorite of lots of people.
For the "Strawberry buttercream", it was the only size that remained when I ordered and I really wanted to try it so I took it :D

The price for a Large Jar is $27.99 (27.96€)

Then I've chosen a Medium Jar in and this one provides 65-90 hours of fragrance. The smell for this medium Candle is "Christmas cupcake" and honestly for me, it's very similar to "Christmas cookie".
The price for a Medium Jar is $24.99 (22.96€)


Further down in sizes, I've taken 3 of Small Jar size: left to right: Cherries on snow / Soft Blanket / Vanilla cupcake
A small Jar provides 25-40 house or fragrance and the price is $10.99 (11.51€).

Finally I finished my order with 6 votives, 4 were for my Mom's christmas, and the two on the picture, were for me. The smells of these votives are: "Clean cotton" & "Baby powder".
The price of each votive is $1.99 (2.50€) and it provides up to 15 hours of fragrance.
If you would like to order I'd recommend starting with votives because the price is low, the consumption interesting and if you don't like the scent it's not a big size so it's ok :)

That's it for this Yankee Candle post, my favorite perfume for the moment are maybe "Cherries on snow" & "Clean cotton" but I love all of my Yankee so it's hard to choose. Writing this article I realized I can't wait to be able to order on, the site created by the son of Yankee candle, but I'll wait because with the sales, it will hurt the wallet :D See you soon guys and don't hesitate to comment my post :)
 Have you ever tried to order candles on these sites (yankee and kringle), what did you think?

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